/Lee Jong Suk

이종석 李鍾碩


The Living's Ezy


We have joy, we have fun, we have seasons in the sun
And, the hills that we climb let us reach the mountains in no time…


Zenith Grandeur Magnificence

From the Magnificence of the Great Wall to the Grandeur of the Forbidden City and the Zenith that the Economy has reached and still growing. Come with me to the past, present and great future.

Haladeen Opening

Something BIG is coming to you! Look out for the treasures that you can find at the Haladeen.com. Get it now!


Friends Forever and Ever
Find your friends who will stay with you as friends forever and ever. Only true friends who not only get under your head, your skin but also your soul.

Taking the World By Storm

All around the world, WE are digging, dredging, lifting, developing and building a whole new world. WE do not just change the world. WE develop and build it!

Educational Headquarters

Learn, train and develop the most effective way with the latest technology and the best teachers in the world. At the Educational Headquarters, we build people for the future and a future for the people.


Get the Kick!
EmPower Yourself with the Great Martial Arts! Train with the Grandmasters! Kick! Fly! And Move Mountains... The Force Is Always With You!



InternationalModel.com is proud to attend the Asia Model Festival, the biggest model event in Asia by Korea Model Association. It’s your shot at glamour, and a step further on your road to international stardom.
Fun:D comes first

Love Forever

If you like fun:D, this is the arena for you. This is great stage for which you can launch your career or perform even if you are up there. Come to your new playground...

International Pop Festival

Thrilling! Bright and Brilliant

Excitement fills the air. There is a sudden burst of energy from the new adrenaline rush. It is not only hot but it is also so sexy! Beautiful and cultured!


We hope you discover and enjoy yourself while you are here... We are friends, forever and ever...


Culture, Entertainment & ReCreation

Indulge and enjoy the international culture.

Join PYM to get automatic entry into the InternationalClub.com!
You will love it and find life very meaningful…

We love the stars here there and up above

Beautiful, Talented & Professional

Oh… how we adore our idols… whether in the temples of the stars, in our schools
or on the streets where we live… There are just idols everywhere… We love you…

Song Joong Ki by PYM.com
PYM.com ::: Fan Bingbing
PYM.com ::: Li Yifeng
Asian Model Festival by PYM.com
Asian Model Festival by PYM.com


LeeJongsuk.com by PYM.com

Just Chillin´

Can't get enough
The mane thing in love

My Beautiful Sinorita

You light up my life
My Love from the Star

Nighttime Cruzin´

Beauty lights up
The call of the night

The Haladeen Miracles

Something BIG Coming!
Treasures from the Lamp

Most stunningly beautiful place

Out of this: Worldy
Zhangjiajie @Avatar

Friend Wishes

Romance on the Beach

All Into You

Schizophrenic Illusions
And Out of You: You Live Here?

Golden Romance

Love, Bright and Shine
The Brilliance of Making Love

In the Forefront of

Trends and Technology

We are always ahead of the times by keeping abreast of the technology and religiously following and creating trends for the future… Cool, huh…



It’s my pleasure to meet you and we love you always…